Everyone asks me about the election.

Normally i do not pay attention to politics but this “election” has given me an itch that needs scratching. Firstly, let me say i do not think we will be better as a nation or country whichever way we go. Both the candidates are not trustworthy. From Hillary’s problem’s with e-mail and other things, to Donald Trump basically stealing people’s money in a failed college I really do not see how we can trust either of these candidates. So let’s use common sense all politicians are untrustworthy. That’s just the way things are. No matter what they say. I have watched the 2 nights of the Republican National Convention and in those 2 nights I have not heard one thing from the party as to how they are going to make America great again. What i have heard however is everyone deciding to throw Hillary under the bus. Saying that, let me say this I do not support either candidate so i am looking at this with a clear mind that is not clouded by my choice for president. From what i see no one is talking about the real issues here. First of all stop saying your fave color’s life matters because every life matters no matter where you live or anything like that, I can understand how African Americans can feel that way though because let’s look at history. Their first contact with us started with slavery and did not get much better after that. I do not believe much progress at all has been made in race relations personally, but that’s not to say that it can’t be done. What needs to happen in my opinion is we need to bring the 2 parties involved into a town hall not a bunch of politicians of political commentators. Every problem i have had in life i have been able to solve by talking to the person i had a problem with and not someone who has nothing to do with it. Communication and listening needs to improve on both sides because from what i have seen everyone always tries to talk louder than the other person. That does not solve anything. Now i am not one of those people that think it’s all butterflies and cotton candy all the time. If there is ever going to be changes a lot of people need to learn to shut their mouth and open their ears. Just my opinion.